Pakleni Islands

Paklinski or Pakleni Islands - named for paklina, thick resin used in shipbuilding - these islands are among the Adriatic's best loved places, especially among nautical tourists, and are a must - see if you're near island of Hvar.
Inhabited since the Roman period, the islands are not just a stop on a journey, but a place people love to live and love to return to. Equally interesting for their waters and the land - mostly mountainous - Paklinski islands offer many tiny harbours and anchorages. The main harbour of the archipelago is usually jam - packed, so finding mooring there can be stressful - avoid it by finding a private nook to anchor your boat. The archipelago is one of the best places in the Adriatic for finding piece and quiet without getting bored; they offer a different take on the Mediterranean and a safe haven for those in need of solitude. The best way to discover their charm is by boat, a smaller boat or tender, of course, for the islands are in some places surrounded by shallow waters inaccessible by bigger boats. So that's so special about Hvar and the surrounding islands that it's so "in"?


The entrance to the archipelago is guarded by the tiny island Poklonji Dol and the lighthouse of the same name, followed by the equally minuscule Jerolim island. Although tiny, Jerolim has two magnificent bays, one on each side of island. Kordovon bay has for decadens now been popular among nudists, especially German tourists who have "claimed" the 1950's and have been returning to it ever since. The bay has a little bar with a lovely menu of refreshing dishes and cocktails, one of several oases on the islands. Jerolim Island is the first in the archipelago offering so typical for these islands - naturak stone terraces, beaches so smooth and shiny as if made by human hands. These terraces are extremely popular among tourists - little private corners in the sun perfect for working on your tan. Once you claim them as your "territory", you can be pretty sure other visitors will respect your sovereignty - it's an unwritten rule of the archipelago. The terraces are many and all equally pleasant, especially on the southern side of islands, but are by far not the only attraction of Paklinski islands.
The northern side of the islands - especially Jerolim, Marinkovac and St. Klement islands - are well known for their coves offering protection from the southern winds, but somewhat bothered by waves - if you're sailing on a bigger ship the waves are no bother, but those on smaller boats better look elsewhere. Mega Yachts prefere Marinkovac, whose waters may get rough by night, disturbed by larger waves coming in from the open, but still calm enough for large yachts. The gravest enemy of any boat in the canals meandering between the islands in the northern tramontana wind, the culprit for those waves - the canals are long ant the wind strong enough to create come serious waves. The calmest bay on Marinkovac is Stipanska bay, a serene place spared by all winds, beloved among the younger, party - oriented crowds. Famous among younger tourists is "Carpe Diem", a local bar with international appeal, the bay is usually flooded by people. The western side of the island is also calm and welcoming - during summer months the Zdrilca strait looks like boat Show, with its calm waters and the nearby lagoon brimming with excellent restaurans. Across the strait you'll find peace and calm completely unexpected considering the popularity of the strait; pine woods, soft meadows and shaded beaches od islands Planikovac and Borovac - perfect places to relax and observe the busy "boat show" across the way. The two islands are inhabited by sheep sometimes too friendly and not at all intimidated by the presence of people in their little paradise.


The strait between those two small islands is rather shallow and only fit for smaller boats, but another one is large enough for everybody: Veliko Zdrilo. This big canal used to be the main waterway in the archipelago, used by ferries connecting the islands of Vis and Hvar, but noe free of "public transportation" and a lot less busy. The largest island of the archipelago St. Klement, is probably everyone's favorite. Connected to the smaller Planikovac by the Malo Zdrilo strait, St. Klement boasts the most beautiful cove in these waters - The Perna cove. This pearl of the Adriatic is ideal for a day in the sun; It's a piece of heaven right there to be enjoyed. The most popular cove of the Adriatic, on the other hand, is Vinogradisce or South Palmizana, with it's charming marina to yachting enthusiasts all over the world. Fine restaurants, friendly marina staff and plenty to see and do make Palmizana on of the busies places in the Mediterranean. Our favorites include the legendary restaurant Meneghello, the classy Zori and Toto, but all the local restaurants offer gastronomy at its best.
The marina is among the loveliest in the Mediterranean, large enough to be interesting outside Croatian borders, but small enough to still have that friendly, welcoming, intimate atmosphere.