Yacht management is a very responsible and very complex business op­eration, requiring expertise, technical knowledge and efficiency to be done successfully. Bomi Ship Ltd is ready to meet all the requirements of Yacht Management and Charter Management, put­ting the satisfaction of our guests, owners and crew on the first place. We just know how to: 


  • Maximize the value of your yacht 
  • Enhance her charter potential 
  • Market and advertise her
  • Provide overall technical support
  • Ensure complete legal compliance 
  • Recruit successful crew members


The careful management of your yacht by a team of highly skilled professionals will ensure that it re­mains in perfect condition and maintains her value while adding charter management into the mix will provide income for covering the costs, as well as increase your yacht’s value. Four prerequisites for quality charter management include the yacht as a high-quality product; a professional crew; comprehensive management by a success-driven expert company; an open, reliable and confidential relationship between the owner and the management.

Your satisfaction is the key to ours, therefore all our programs are prepared individually and custom tai­lored to your specific wishes. For us, this is also an opportunity to put over 20 years of yachting busi­ness experience into high-quality action, as well as to enjoy the privilege of working in an industry centred around pleasure. Our team is dedicated to complet­ing each task to minute details and to highest inter­national standards, always delivering personal and friendly service. We currently successfully manage 22 yachts, all available for a yacht charter in Croatia and Adriatic sea.­


The owner of M/Y SPICE OF LIFE II

Since 2010 we have a company in Croatia and we have had great difficulties working with similar companies until we discovered Bomiship almost four years ago. This is a professional and serious company and we are very satisfied with their work. We feel safe working with them. We live 2500 km away from the boat and feel that they have taken responsibility not only for renting our boat, but they are also keeping it in top condition and making sure that we have the best crew. So together we are heading towards a bright future. It is also important for us to feel assured that we will be able to invest in more boats. Marijana is a strong and honest woman and we appreciate it.

Our co-operation has become a pleasant friendship. We are proud of our Princess V65 and our crew, and we think it would be difficult to find better partners in Croatia."

The Owner of M/Y MOANA I

We have been cooperating with Bomiship since 2006 and we highly appreciate the professional service of all kinds and truly recommend them. BomiShip is well experienced, easygoing and acts professionally.

We love BomiShip team very much.♥

The owner of M/Y JANTAR

My experience working with Bomiship has been for the last five years extremely positive. The high standards they use in everyday work reflects in my opinion also to us, owners to constantly improve our service from investments in the boat but also crew members.

I think that the best recommendation I can give from my side is that I never looked or thought about a different agency, that my captain enjoys working with them and that we have an extremely high rate of customers coming back year by year.

So, thank you Marijana, Damir and rest of the team and I hope that we will have in front of us another few exciting years growing the Jantar community further.

The owner of M/Y Genium

"Since we have started our business cooperation with the company Bomiship d. as our charter management three years ago, we have only words of praise for them. From day one they have proven to be a reliable and professional partner that accommodates the wishes of their clients but also respects the interests of their business partners. Our long-standing experience in working with Bomiship proves that you can count on a responsible and business response in today's business which faces numerous challenges and uncertainties, and thus with satisfaction, we sincerely recommend this company to other yacht owners."




The owner of M/Y ANIGOTA

A previous collaboration with the company Bomi Ship brought excellent results, to our mutual pleasure. Being on the same page we easily met and adapted our offer to requirements of a demanding market. Bomi Ship is an extremely professional company with a good personal organization and care for the details. At the same time, having an excellent team of people contributed in finding our guests and negotiating about charter conditions and the fulfilment of the same.
Friendly attitude, accuracy and respecting deadlines are the components that are appreciated and that we found with Bomiship.
Successful and pleasant cooperation we would certainly want to continue in the next tourist seasons.

The owner of M/Y REJ

We find that the cooperation with the charter company Bomi Ship has been very successful in terms of the quality of promotion, organization of charters, accommodation of guests and technical support. It was a pleasure to work with such a highly organized team governed by a friendly atmosphere and cooperation.
In addition to fine business results (high number of bookings for the boat during the season), we find the Bomi Ship staff friendly and professional, and we are satisfied with the high quality of the service.
We can say without hesitation that Bomi Ship is a LEADER in the field of nautical tourism in Croatia!

The owner of M/Y BIOFARM

We have been closely cooperating with Bomi Ship Company over the past four years. It can be said without exaggeration that there are not many companies with such a level of professionalism, promptness, reliability and kindness of all its employees. If only there were more companies with such approach, that fulfill their obligations and are ready to assist you and be at your disposal in every situation, both the business world and the real world around us would be a much better place. We really think that even all the words of praise could not express the true satisfaction of cooperating with you.
We sincerely recommend the cooperation with Bomi Ship Company because we would like others to see and admire the fact that such a company exists in the world today.