Dive deep

In shark - free, crystal clear waters with gentle tides, visibility on a sunny day can reach up to 50 meters. You can dive without a flashlight. Some 10.000 scuba divers a year explore caves, underwater cliffs and channels, relics from Ancient Greece, well preserved Habsburg wrecks and aeroplanes from World War II.
No wonder diving in Croatia is so highly developed. There are more than 100 centres at attractive locations all long the coast. Two forms of diving are possible: organised and individual. The organised variety is carried out under the supervision of an authorised instructor and a professional diving centre with the relevant licences. The annual Croatian diving identity card cost 100 kn. Distribution is established through centres and clubs associated with the Croatian Diving Association.
Certain zones are under the protection of the Ministry of Culture and diving is only possible with guide. These include the national parks of Brijuni, Kornati, and Mljet, as well as sites of historical interest. These include the wreck of the Baron Guatsch, an Austro - Hungarian passenger ship whose top two decks may be explored by Advanced Open Water divers only. Greek amphorae of Cavtat and a Greek cargo ship off Vis should be accessible to thoise attached to a local diving club. Also off Vis, an American Air Force Boeing has laid at a depth of 75 m since 1943 accessible only to those skilled in technical diving with trim gas mixtures. More specialised still is the ancient art of spear fishing, for those who can hold their breath for over five minutes and operate at depths of 30 or 40 m. A diver must be in top condition and keep his hart at a slow 50 beats per minute.