Punjena parika - green pepper stuffed with minced meat.
Broštulani menduli - sugared almonds.
Brujet / Brudet - a popular fisherman's casserole dish with various fish, onions, tomatoes, olive oil and potatoes.
Buzara - a method of seafood preparation using scampi, mussels or shellfish with olive oil, garlic, fresh parsley and white wine.
Crni rižot - black risotto with Adriatic cuttlefish.
Dalmatinski pršut - smoked ham Dalmatian - style. First salted, then smoked and left to dry and mature on the bura wind. Dalmatian prsut is the ultimate regional delicacy.
Fritule - sweet fritters.
Hib - sweet bread form minced, dried figs, popular on the island of Vis.
Ispod peke - dishes prepared under a bell - shaped lid (peka), and slow - cooked with glowing coals.
The most popular ispod peke dishes are octopus, lamb and veal. Order two hours in advance
Janjeće tripice - lamb trpe Mediterranean style, here prepared with panceta, garlic, tomato sauce and fresh bay leaf.
Janjetina sa ražnja - lamb on a spit.
Kaštradina - dried, cured mutton, popular in the Dalmatian hinterland.
Kroštule - Dalmatian dessert of sweet pasta knots.
Pašta fažol na brujet - brodetto style bean stew with pasta, popular on Vis.
Pašticada - hearty meat sauce made from beef marinated in vinegar and red wine, than sauteed with a root vegetable and wine, and served with home - made gnocchi.
Pečenica - wind cured boned loin of pork, popular in the Dalmatian hinterland.
Rafioli - halfmoon pastries from Makarska, Trogir and Korčula, filled with ground almonds, Maraschino, lemon, rind, cinnamon, sugar and eggs.
Riba na gradele - fish prepared over the grill on glowing charcoal.
Rožata - creme caramel Dalmatian style.
Salata od hobotnice - octopus salad.


Useful phrases

Are these seats taken? Da li je slobodno?
Bon apetit! Dobar tek!
Do you have...? Imate li ...?
I'm vegetarian. Ja sam vegetraijanac.
I'm diabetic. Ja sam dijabetičar.
I'd like a table for two. Molim stol za dvoje.
The menu, please. Molim vas jelovnik.
I didn't order this. Nisam ovo naručio.
Thank You. Hvala.
The bill (please).  Račun (molim).

Ashtray - Pepeljara
Bill - Račun
Bread - Kruh
Cup - Šalica
Fork - Vilica
Glass - Čaša
Knife - Nož
Milk - Mljeko
Napkin - Ubrus
Oil - Ulje
Pepper - Papar
Plate - Tanjur
Salt - Sol
Spoon - Žlica
Sugar - Šećer
Teaspoon - Žličica
Vinegar - Ocat
Water - Voda

Fish /Seafood

Riba sa roštilja/na žaru - Grilled fish
Bakalar - Dried cod
Brancin -Sea bass
Brodet - Fish stew
Cipal - Golden Grey mullet
Dagnje - Mussels
Jastog - Lobster
Kamenice / ostrige - Oysters
Losos - Salmon
Lubin - Sea perch
Oslić - Hake
Pastrva - Trout
Trlja - Red mullet