Adriatic marinas - Marina Agana

The outstanding location at 20 kilometres from Split city airport Resnik, and 40 km from the city itself, and quiet, family atmosphere are the main advantages of Marina Agana, located in Marina near Trogir. Agana has 134 sea berths arranged on six piers, 470 meters of total length and can accommodate vessels up to 25 meters of maximum length. Although relatively small, Agana offers the boaters everything they need; within the marina area there is a reception, bistro-restaurant, laundry, toilet facilities and two ship maintenance services and only a few hundred meters away in the town of Marina, you can find grocery shop, post office, pharmacy and several restaurants, so that guests of the marina have everything they need all in one place.

Marina Agana offers its guests all the contents of a large marina, while our regular guests praise its quiet and intimate atmosphere. We cherish a friendly relationship with our guests, always doing our best to meet their needs, and where they feel at home, says Vedran Muslinov, Assistant Manager of the marina. Emergency sailor service is located at the western entrance to the marina and works 24 hours a day, while the reception area located in the admission building of the marina, is a service to its customers every day throughout the year. Besides the preparation of the mooring contracts, provision of moorings, registration of guests and charging marina services, reception staff provides additional information about prices and services in and around the marina. There is a small library within the reception, operating on the principle of book swapping. Agana is equipped with a 40-ton capacity crane, and the arrangement on the dry dock is performed by hydraulic carts with a lifting capacity of 20 tons. With this equipment, the marina can service boats up to 20 feet and weigh up to 40 tons. A significant segment of service in Agana is the possibility to perform service of all vessel types, i.e. complete maintenance and repairs, including water sandblasting. Sale, installation and maintenance of marine electronics and engines are also possible since within the service area there is a well equipped nautical shop. Mata Marine Service offers maintenance of gelcoat and plastic, painting, varnishing, polishing, waxing, applying anti-fouling and anti-osmosis coatings, sailboat rigging, deep cleansing and boat washing. Marina Agana's dry dock can accommodate seventy boats with 20 meters of maximum length, and each berth has access to electricity and potable water. Not to forget, in the work zone Doiac, located 2.5 km from the marina Agana, on the area of 21,000 square meters, it has been planned to construct a new dry dock with the hangar area of 3,000 square meters, and 5,000 square meters which will serve to accommodate ships outdoor.

Marina Agana is also the base of two boat rental agencies: Moorings and Peter, which have 40 boat moorings on the outer pontoon. Since the charter fleets are during the summer season mainly at sea, and come to Agana just a day or two to perform guest shifts and to clean the boats, the Management has decided to offer transit crews from Tuesday to Friday a discount of 30 percent on the mooring cost during the time when rented boats are at sea. Marina Management and Staff pay special attention to the protection of the environment. Seawater outside of marina is well circulated via numerous submarine springs of water in the entire Marina gulf, and a free flow of water between the harbour and the bay area is enabled thanks to the connection of breakwater and the mainland by a bridge, beneath which a grid dam was placed in order to stop the floating waste. In case of environmental incidents within the marina (ex. fuel spills), the marina has a floating eco-dam, which would halt the spread of contamination outside marina waters. Marina surroundings are enriched with exotic and Mediterranean vegetation: palm trees, tamarisks, oleander and rosemary. Within marina, there is a small Yacht club, equipped for small business meetings and presentations with LCD TV with satellite reception, a conference table for 10 people, and a pool table.