Welcome Bomi Ship's New Team Member: Boa

An endangered species, bottlenose dolphins find the Adriatic an ideal habitat. Much effort goes into their preservation and protection, and as Bomi Ship has always been environmentally friendly, in April of 2016, we decided to adopt Boa. Our adoption strives to recognize and support the admirable work of the Blue World Institute, resolutely protecting the biodiversity of the Adriatic Sea since 1999. In particular, we are contributing to their Adriatic Dolphin Project, helping sustain the population of bottlenose dolphins in the Adriatic Sea. Moreover, through actively partaking in the preservation of our environment, we hope to raise awareness of its importance among our team members, business partners and our Clients.   

Boa lives in the waters around Vis Island. First spotted playing with other dolphins by Vis in 2009, she immediately stood out because of her unusual way of breathing. When diving out to inhale or exhale, Boa would rise with her whole head, diving back in with an inevitable splash. This pattern reminded of newborn calves that have not yet mastered the skill of swimming. By observing Boa, it became obvious that this mammal had to breathe through her mouth. Despite, Boa behaved the same like other dolphins in the pod, who she swam, dived and played with.

Today, she is a caring mother to her calf, and is almost always seen diving and swimming in tandem with her little one. While teaching it to obtain food, she reveals to him all the beauty and all the treasures of the Adriatic Sea. Playful and sociable, Boa enjoys dolphins and people likewise. Usually, dolphin mothers behave fearsome when accompanied by their calves, however, Boa is almost never timid. She often allows to be closely approached and then proudly showcases her calf, posing for a few photographs before greeting the visitors with a few splashes and diving back in.

In the summer of 2015, Boa was first seen in June, swimming at sunset by the lighthouse Stoncica with a pod of 20 bottlenose dolphins. Her unusual way of swimming and breathing definitely make her recognizable among hundreds of bottlenose dolphins. Most commonly, she can be seen following fishing boats in hope of some easy dining.

A truly exceptional dolphin, Boa enchants with her every dive, reminding with each smile that one can rise above all adversities. Just like every year, we look forward to the summer just to see Boa living life to the fullest with her pod, diving, jumping, and gregariously showcasing how big and independent her calf has become