In Vinum - would a rose...

Days are longer and warmer, and pink wines are more popular drops on the palate of wine connoisseurs, amateurs and - especially - veterans! Until recently, very rare, and not particularly acknowledged, wines of this category were the fifth leg of a donkey for Croatian winemakers, but today, the situation is completely different: almost every one of them with a bit of ambition and higher offer standards that follow trends boasts at least one rosé bottle. Croatian wine planet gives grapes of pleasant acids, that are a prerequisite for creation of such wines, and it is well known that continental ones are fruity on the nose and under the teeth - while summer temperatures demand the ones that require less effort and are easier on the aromas, the ones that relish in tastes and smells of Mediterranean, sea and dolce far niente. Let us, with this in mind, make our way south. The azure sky and sea fill the space, the sun reflects on a white stone, and Mediterranean herbs release the scents that completely overtake travellers through Dalmatia. Same goes for the ones heading towards Skradin through the canyon of Krka river. On a plateau just above this small town, where the land is shallow, and the southern sun is the king - 300 meters above the sea level, you will need a long sleeve even in the summer. Sun setting is followed by the wind called maestral, a valuable nature gift that cools the grapes and preserves the acids and aromas. Add some of the rich minerals in the ground, and you have a terroir that gives extremely fresh wines of Mediterranean taste and lightness that comes to life in the form of rosé most of all. Vineyards are thick in this area. Most of them around Plastovo, a small village that has 3 great winemakers: Marko Sladic, another Sladic family (OPG Sladic), and Alen Bibic - the most famous one. We will leave Marko Sladic and his new marastina vineyard that overlooks Visovac, an island on Krka, for another story and focus on OPG Sladic and Bibich rosé wines that pair well with the warmest summers. Dalmatian wine tradition remembers opol, rosé wine that is made by processing white and red grapes together followed by parallel maceration and fermentation. Result of this is a light red, full-bodied wine with somewhat higher alcohols. Our rosé heroes, on the other hand, decided upon more modern, light and fresh rosé that is made by short maceration of red grapes and fermentation of the liquid-like it would be done for white wines.

2012 Bibich Think Pink Rosé - SYRAH

A true classic. One of the first Croatian high-quality rosés. Boasts with sexy strawberries that are wrapped in a local patriot coat of dried Mediterranean herbs. While the previous rosé will quench the summer thirsts, syrah gives Think Pink some more fruit and a bit more robust character. This makes it ideal for pairing with light summer dishes like seafood salads or raw shrimp.

2011 OPG Sladic Rosé Cuvée - PLAVINA & LASINA
This rosé is so rich with Mediterranean herbs aromas that it screams Dalmatia! Intrigues with the colour of ripe watermelon and awards the nose with a juicy combination of freshly grated cucumbers, salt from evaporated seawater on the rocks, white flowers, thyme... and some raspberry. Fresh, light and fun in the mouth, with much more minerals than fruit. In the end, you can feel some Spanish gazpacho made from very ripe tomatoes.

Sibenik wine bar and concept store VlNO & lNO fosters the rich offer of Croatian winemakers, primarily of those from Sibenik area, with quality being the common denominator. It is a true pleasure to explore all the aromas that they have selected for their customers, and we really enjoy the fact that we can share their recommendation with our readers this spring. For a true experience of different and interesting wines that you will not find in the same place anywhere else, visit VINO & INO in Sibenik old town (Fausta Vrancica bb), which is also a great opportunity to fill the ship cellar with rare bottles that you can discover in their offer.