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Meet the Adriatic » Nature Park Telascica

This is the spot where open sea collides with up to 200 m high cliffs. The spot where one feels the wheel of time cannot be stopped. The spot where one forgets about himself and at least for a moment feels unified with nature with just one question - what part do humans play in space and time. As opposed to the steep cliffs of the other side, Telaica bay stands for the largest and safest natural harbor in the Adriatic. Narrow passages divide the bay into three smaller bays creating three lakes (tre lagus) which provide safe haven for ss. First organized fishing fleet in Dalmatia was founded in Telascica.

During the 11 ct. this fleet was fishing mackerel in the bay, which is an important fact confirming century's long conjoined life between the inhabitants and the sea. Located in the southwest part of the park cliff Taljuri takes special place in Telascica mythology. This flat limestone plate 60 m wide and 3 m above the sea level has no vegetation for when the wind rises the foam of the waves covers it completely... that is the time, according to the local legend when the sea fairies gather and use it as their gathering point. Nevertheless, as the sea is of vertiginous character especially at that spot, we recommend you not to check the reality of that myth. Should you decide to go for a stroll along the seawater lake Mir, a sunken karts phenomena connected to the sea through underwater passages - do not get scared by those cayman stories, it is only larger eels we are dealing here with, at least that is how local people calm down the tourists. The park itself is so magical that even the existence of such creatures would not be surprising. Even though we are not sure whether predators like Caymans are lurking from the water, carnivorous sponge was discovered a few years ago in the sea, second of that kind found in the world seas. Nothing to worry about for it is fec. only on planktons; therefore the swimmers are not exposed to any danger as opposes to fish living there. Telascica is a marine territory marked by overfishing, just like the rest of the Adriatic, but this is some other story.

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