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Meet the Adriatic » Nature Park Lastovo Archipelago

If we compare Lastovo to a ship, Lastovo is a completley different ship. It holds both mild and wild features. Just like the sea it is surrounded by, Lastovo could be referred to as „sailing ship“ out of time and space… Lastovo is a lonley ship at the same time blessed and cursed by its isolation. This archipelago located out in the open sea has managed to survive intact the wild history and different rulers passing through it. The Romans called Lastovo the imperial island. Life on Lastovo has always been a fight against isolation, conquerors and the sea… Lastovo has been declared a new marine protected area in Croatia following intensive advocacy work. The battle is not over yet. The biggest battle for Lastovo natives is the one with mortality. There are less and less children on the island, young people having finished schools decide not to return to the island. The proklamation of Lastovo as Nature Park has set grounds for improving life conditions as well as for protecting rich natural and cultural heritage of Lastovo. A dive into the sea opens the door to a world of antique shipwrecks (careful!), rich biodiversity including many rare and endangered species. On of the most significant events on the island is Lastovo Carnival Poklad. It is a carnival celebration based on a traditional story that celebrates a traditional event in Lastovo´s history when pirates wanted to attack the island. The pirates sent a messenger to Lastovo with a request to surrender… Meaning to rob the natives and take them away as slaves. Lastovo people captured the messenger, which infuriated the pirates, so they turned their ships towards Lastovo, but a strong storm suddenly struck, so the pirates run away which was a great cause for celebrationthat takes place even today. Lastovo people where thrilled with joy and happyness, bells were ringing, and people were cheering. And the messenger? They sat him on a donkey with his back facing the front, took him for a walk across the town and burnt him!

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