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Meet the Adriatic » Lace made of Stone - Vineyards cultivated in stone

What does the future hold when it comes to saving this grand empire that used to grow in the vineyards? Does the Republic of Croatia have a strategy to protect that fortune, by covering it with Heavens`s veil? The moment of realising and feeling the existence of that rich fruit and soil filled with warmth, has also given rise to fear that some tycoon shall devastate and erase that fortune given to us by God. Composition of stone, grape vine and sea has been recognized throughout the world. Strenght to carve the barren stone into harsh, yet fertile soil with miles and miles of stone walls symbolize ode to human labour and persistence. So far only the vineyards on Azora have inscribed in the UNESCO list of protected cultural landscapes, and Bucavac, a slope just above the Primosten marina Kremik, famous for its stones cells that cradle Babić vines, has been suggested for and waiting to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the lush slopes a tapestry of exquisite beauty in all hues of green takes my breath away, and while waiting for the grapes to pour into wine and at the same time bowing to the personality and dignity of the one who has been creating and carving that soil for years, I start wondering if there is anything I could do to prevent those vineyards from being forgotten, divulged, smashed, devastated? They belong to the works of art made of stone in stone as a result of a human hand that has persistently, diligently and forwardly been taming the wilderness of that rocky landscape.

The stingy land bore fruit, and that piece of stone marked with stone wall that resembles a lace made of stone, used to be the only income source for the small man. Lifestyle back then was connected to farming. Those who have not tried digging around vines on the stingy soil, who have not bent their back around every vine, cannot comprehend the sorrow of the master of vineyards. Bent down while pulling out weed, digging around the vine trunks, taking the rocks out of the soil, moving around the vines usually on their knees, from one vine to another with so much love, knowing well each of the vines, observing each of them and tying down each. Today that image seems to vanish in the haze. How could those vines have survived the drought and how could they have managed to draw the life out of stone? How much sorrow and misery a dried out and sick vine used to bring? Yet the master gave his best again because he cared. Are we offered the same opportunity or there will not be one? Who will treat those vineyards with so much love and care so they could survive untouched - it is all up to us. Let`s be diligent and honest managers or shall we choose to sell everything that is valuable for a fistful of florins? Do we feel ashamed as a result of sins and negligence over our spirituality, just like ravaged and devastated vineyards left to the mercy of all those turning their heads away as they pass by them? Let us re-examine our consciousness and let us bring back the meaning of our existence. It is not to late to change our lives as of today. Let us not be blind, deaf and obedient. Let us not allow our lives to be decided upon by those we would never even ask any advice from. Are we going to behave like the mean vineyard owners and rich people who carry a wound deep down inside their hearts and souls and therefore destroy everything around them or are we going to cultivate the goodness in the garden of our life? Ethnically justified and ecologically clean viticulture is a business that preserves biodiversity and environment. To neglect the problem means to ignore and favour something that might happen, which leads to making another mistake and causing further problems like deteriorating and extinguishing life quality, making unique landscapes and cultural value of the area disappear. If something like that happens let us show citizens disobedience to the outrageous liberal capitalism regarding demolishing such petit monuments to the common man, just for the purpose of building giant villa`s on these areas. The purpose is not to wash away the bitterness from the desert of depravity, but to recognize the chance. Let us be swift, let us protect the pure virginity and let us show we are able to handle the challenge of life. Let us scream out loud we want different lifestyle. Let us not cherish laziness that hides in the darkness of helplessness and let us not sell the pure virginity of what lies before us. While observing these impressive images that are awe-inspiring I have to say vigorously, it is worth being here, at home in Dalmatia, the cradle of beauty. As the poet Petrasov put it nicely "one does not have to go anywhere, does not have to look anywhere else, everything is right here". The most pleasant vacation is in the environment that pleases the senses, so let us protect and preserve our empire, our heritage, and not write petty messages on the steamed mirror.