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Meet the Adriatic » Adriatic marinas - Marina Punat

It is located in naturally protected Puntarska draga bay, Punat Marina belongs to the oldest specialized nautical ports in Croatia, founded in 1964 in the arms of Punat shipyard. The very first yachts man-guest that witnessed the birth of marina was William R.Nesher, experienced yachtsman who followed a recommendation to build new wooden ships in the Punat shipyard, so three vessels marked as A, B and C were constructed there and were the first foreign vessels left for winter storage in Croatia. Nesher, American from California with his whereabouts in Germany, was the first customer of Punat Marina and remained loyal till the end of his life in 2004.Today marina provides 850 high quality berths on 11 pontoon piers intended for vessels of 45 m, though land capacity offers approximately a hundred vessels spaces of 15 m, and dry dock provides 400 spaces for vessels of 10 m, when put all together we come up with a figure of 1.250 ‘down time‘ vessel spaces. 3.000 vessels sail across Punat Marina per year, it also serves as head port of a grand charter fleet, consisting of more than a hundred charter sailboats and motor yachts.

Currently 150 new berths for yachts of up to 25 m are being constructed at marina. This investment should be completed in April next year, exactly on 50th jubilee of Punat marina. This vessel's haven provides rich supply services - two well supplied stores, nautical store specialized in boat equipment and spare parts. Centre of marina holds catering facility rendering drinks and fast food, and two classical restaurants: Marina and Kanajt, presenting traditional Krk delicacies, fish dishes and grill. A small luxurious Kanait hotel, in the heart of marina, originates from a reconstructed and remodelled Bishop's villa from 1528 now with 20 luxurious rooms, astonishing view over Puntarska bay, ideal gathering spot for yachtsmen and marina guests. Punat shipyard, back in the old days famous for construction of wooden ships, today represents a modern and well equipped shipyard for maintenance and reconstruction of vessels, and large yachts up to 50 m. It holds capacity of 140 vessels, with two travelling cranes of 50 and 100 t. Punat Marina, together with shipyard, has received numerous significant awards and has been declared as the best Croatian marina several times. Back in 1998 first Blue flag in Croatia flaunted there - even nowadays it stands proudly on the highest mast in marina. High eco standards confirmed through European certificates also adorn this marina.

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